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Wild Wedding Styled Shoot at Barnfield

Q.  What part of planning the wedding will a bride need the most patience for?

A. Usually this comes down to the individual and their abilities to handle stressful situations. Some brides to be find dealing with their bridesmaids and/or some of their family members own selfish needs/behaviours and making demands the most difficult thing to handle when planning their wedding.

Q. How do you send a wedding invitation on WhatsApp?

A. The best way is to create a wedding website where you can capture online RSVP’S and add links to any of your wedding gift registries on the website too. Gift registries where the couple can select gifts they would like the guests to purchase for them, there are several online registries like Amazon, David Jones, etc. Or a cash fund registry like Honeyfund or Hitchd. Or you could set up a Paypal account for guests to wire funds. Each registry provides the couple with a URL that they can put onto their website. The wedding website is a central hub with all the couples wedding information. It’s where their guests can find all the information relating to the wedding. 

Q,  What are some questions when choosing a wedding photographer?

A. Here are a few questions but not the whole list.

  1. How long have you been in business?

  2. How many weddings have you photographed?

  3. What are your wedding packages and prices?

  4. What type of deposit is required and what is the schedule of payments?

  5. Will you reserve my wedding date until we finish interviewing photographers?

  6. What type of equipment do you use?

Q. What's the most important thing a wedding planner can do to make their client happy?

A. Connect with each other first of all, without this the process doesn’t work. Trust each other, listen to each other. A good wedding planner will do as her bride wants as its the brides wedding not the planner’s. If a planner doesn’t like a particular aspect of the brides needs for her wedding day, she/he should put their opinions to one side and go along with what the bride wants. It may not be to the planners taste but its not the planners wedding day this they must remember.
A good planner will remove the stress of the wedding planning for their clients and not create stress. A wedding client will also respect their planner’s time and not bombard with questions outside of the contracted hours. Mutual respect will go a long way.

Q.  How can a person assist a bride who is spiralling out of control over her wedding planning and cannot focus, calm down, or stop spending on wedding decorations and supplies?

A. Look into local wedding planning services. Planners with good reviews are a brides best friend, they will assist with the planning process and remove the stress that can come with planning a wedding. A good wedding planner will also help manage the wedding budget too if that’s one of the services they offer. At the very least think about hiring a wedding planner for on the day coordination for your wedding day, they will help liaise with all your wedding suppliers and ensure all goes as planned on time, ensuring nothing is missing for your wedding, while you relax with your loved ones getting ready for your special day. 

Q.  Can images of Disney characters be used as a part of centre piece decoration at a wedding?

A. Certainly! Fill your wedding day with personal touches to show off what is important to you. This is a popular wedding trend to add your personality to your special day.

Q.  Will you let your kids plan their own wedding rather than you planning for them?

A. It is more common in this modern day for the couple to plan their own wedding with some help from their parents, they may help to pay for whichever aspects of the wedding they would like to. After all the wedding is only about the couple and their needs, this must always come first. The wedding should be a reflection of their individual personalities and a celebration of their love story and nobody else’s will should interfere with this. If they are struggling with work or family commitments and/or don’t know how to plan a wedding a good wedding planner is going to be their best friend in this process, helping them to find a venue and wedding vendors, helping with the budget management and help them save money and time. The planner can also help coordinate the wedding day so the couple, their family and friends can enjoy the wedding without any worry and stress by leaving it in the capable hands of the planner/coordinator and their team.

Q.  What can I do with a family ring (besides wear it on my finger) on my wedding day? My MIL offered her mom's wedding ring as 'something borrowed' - I don't want to flat out say no, but I really don't want to wear it on either hand on my wedding day.

A. You could wear it on your garter, a bracelet or necklace, woven into your bouquet, these would be the least conspicuous places to wear it. 

Q.  How do you pay for wedding suppliers?

A. Look at their terms and conditions to check for when they stipulate payments need to be paid.

Q.  What do I do if I don't have any bridesmaids?

A.  Consider flower girls, they could be family and or friends children and have them all wearing similar dresses in the same colour with flower crowns in their hair. This is less stressful then having bridesmaids.

Q. Why are custom neon signs so popular at weddings?

A.  As can be found in other industries, this is a trend. The wedding industry will always forsee and predict upcoming wedding trends to style and cater for couples weddings. It’s always nice to see new trends and ways of doing something different to help bring that wow factor to a special event like a wedding.

Q.  What are the things needed to keep in mind while selecting a caterer?

A.  Some questions to consider asking caterers are: how many weddings they have done, if they are permitted to work at your wedding venue, have they worked an event before, what type of deposit is required and what is the payment schedule? What type of food items do they recommend for your budget. This isn’t a full list but important to ask. 

Q.  How do wedding planners set prices for clients?

A. This is based on an hourly rate that is competitive with other local wedding planners and to cover annual spending on the wedding business.

Q.  What song did you/would you pick for your first dance at your wedding?

A.  This is an entirely personal individual decision, and could be based on your experience together as a couple. Maybe you choose a song you both love because it was playing when you first met, or a song that pulls at both your heart strings and speaks of your love for each other. Maybe it’s a song from the band you saw together in concert where you had a great time. A song that evokes beautiful memories of your love story.

Q.  What things you should consider when picking out wedding DJ?

A. Look at wedding directories or blogs to find any wedding DJ’s in your local area then look at their social media profiles or website, looking out for good reviews about them and see if they fit your wedding style and your budget. Maybe you have friends who can recommend a DJ they hired for their event? 

Q.  How do I find and then select the best videographer for my wedding?

A.  You may wish to look at local videographers who have great social media accounts with good following and great reviews. Look at some of their previous work from their social media or website and if their style fits the type of wedding you are wanting that helps to narrow down your choices.  See my portfolio for some talented videographers I have worked with.

Q.   What are some fun things to have at a wedding reception?

A.  You could have lawn games, a photo booth with fun accessories like wigs and scarves etc. Think about cabaret acts like drag queens, comedians during dinner, interactive singers. Think live band instead of DJ. The options are endless. 

Q.  When is it too late to book a wedding venue?

A.  Booking the wedding venue is one of the first wedding planning tasks you should undertake as that allows you to get on with the tasks that follow. For instance there’s no reason why you would buy a wedding dress and suit, and have your hen/bridal shower and stag/bachelor party before booking your wedding venue, and you would not send out wedding invitations before booking your venue. So any delay with booking the venue delays the rest of your wedding planning.

Q.  What should I use as wedding favours?

A. This depends on the style of wedding you are having. Go for favours that compliment your table style and overall decor style. 

Q.  How many people should you have at your wedding reception?

This depends on what your wedding budget (money) is and what the Covid restrictions are in your country. You may want a small wedding ceremony and then a reception on the same day with your closest family and friends if you have a small budget, or if Covid restricts you then think about just having your small wedding ceremony only and when restrictions are no longer in place have a large wedding reception that includes all your family and friends that you wish to invite. If there are no covid restrictions and it is safe and you have a good sized budget for your wedding, then you can invite as many people as you like. 

Q.  When having a wedding, is it rude to request cash funds instead of asking people to buy something off the gift registry?

A.  No not at all. You can email everyone on your guest list saying you don’t have a gift list as you have everything you need and politely ask them to contribute towards whatever you would like them to, like your honeymoon for example, if they would like to. 

Q.  How long does the average wedding take to plan?

A.  About 10–12 months before a wedding couples set their wedding budget, finalise their wedding date, do venue visits and book their preferred venue then start preparing their guest list. Then choose their save the date cards to announce their wedding date, book the photographer and make any initial payments. They may book a wedding planner to help with all the planning stages. This isn’t an exhaustive list of wedding planning tasks but the initial stages at that time.

Q.  How long should it take to do a bride’s makeup?

A.  A good makeup artist will have gone through a few styles of makeup with you in your trial and will have factored in the style of your dress, hair and decor to match your makeup look and this should take about an hour to an hour and a half. 

Q.  What are the things a bride needs for her wedding?

A.  Pin down your wedding budget so you can allocate funds to each of your priorities for your wedding as a whole and try to stick to your budget allowing for extras where you may need to increase the budget. Find your wedding date, see if you need help planning the wedding or the actual wedding day and book a wedding planner find where you want to get married, do some venue visits with your planner if you have booked a full wedding package, then book your venue, pin down your guest list, send out save the dates, find all your wedding suppliers/vendors, pay your deposits and stay on top of your payments. This is by no means the full list of things needed for a wedding day, so if you don’t have the first idea how to plan a wedding, you are finding it overwhelming/stressful or don’t have the time to plan your wedding then hire the services of a good local wedding planner. 

Q.  What is the cost per plate for wedding reception food?

A.  This is dependent on your wedding style and budget. If a big portion of your budget will go on food then you have a number of price options available. Think about what your priorities are for your wedding and where you want to allocate your budget.

Q.  How should one respond to an unreasonable bridesmaid request?

A.  It depends on what it is, if it has anything to do with you needing to increase your budget because of their unreasonable request then you can politely decline by advising that you have a set budget that all your wedding requirements have to fit around and you can’t go over budget.

Q.  Should you invite family if you know they won't attend your wedding?

A.  Yes but ensure they reply by the RSVP date so you can then invite others if they decline, this can help you manage your guest list

Frequently Asked Questions

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