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Why hire a Wedding Planner to Coordinate & Manage Your Wedding Day

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

So you have spent the last year planning your wedding, or if you are anything like me, the last 6 months. Your long awaited special wedding day is around the corner and you are either stressing about how well it will go or you are as cool as a cucumber thinking you have it all under control, but do you? Even the most super organised people can't prevent unforeseen issues occurring on their wedding day. At my wedding we paid for 2 lit up bay trees, but they didn't arrive and the wedding venue didn't tell us about it until we saw the wedding photos and saw they were missing and had to claim back the money we paid for them! There was also a CD the venue wanted us to create to play our processional, recessional and signing of the register music, but we signed the register in silence as the music didn't get played. When our guests were seated, one of the speakers didn't play the music at one end of the marquee. The wedding venue coordinator asked if we wanted labels made for the vegetarians and this never happened and the vegetarians were barely fed despite giving the caterers our vegetarian guest numbers! Unfortunately the venue coordinator was not on hand to sort out all these issues, being responsible for overseeing the day, but she was nowhere to be seen.

A married couple at their wedding ceremony

You can avoid any issues like this from arising by hiring a wedding planner to step in and coordinate the last 8 weeks of your wedding, to talk through the timings, ask what help you need on the day and review the services that will be provided by your contracted wedding suppliers. Then 4 weeks before your wedding, your planner will carry out one venue visit together with you to run through what they need to do on the wedding day, collect your suppliers contact information from you and regularly liaise with them up to the wedding day, and also create a timeline and wedding day schedule and share it with you, your suppliers and the venue. Your wedding planner can also help you with the table set up and laying out small props at the ceremony and reception venues.

On the day your wedding planner will be will be available for a minimum of 10- 12 hours, be the main point of contact for guests and your wedding suppliers, provide guest and timeline management with 1-2 assistants to oversee the set-up and check all is in place, coordinating all the suppliers, the ceremony, reception, and pack down after the wedding if required.

Having a wedding planner to coordinate the last couple of months of your wedding planning and manage your wedding day helps you save time as you focus on your day to day life, and helps prevent any stress and worry from spoiling your final planning weeks and wedding day. As your special day gets closer panic, worry and stress can kick in and having help in the last couple of months and on the day will reduce the stress and overwhelm, as your wedding planner will take that worry from you allowing you to relax and enjoy your wedding. A wedding planner is experienced in dealing with last minute issues, unexpected changes and managing any crises that may arise. And you wont have to worry, you can be reassured that everything will run smoothly as you planned it, so you can get on with enjoying your wedding day with your loved ones. Who doesn't want that?

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