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The difference between a Wedding Venue Coordinator & a Wedding Planner

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Congratulations! You're engaged, and now the wedding planning fun can start! You've chosen a date you would like to get married this may be the first time you ever met, your first date, or any other significant date in your relationship. You then think about where you would like to get married, and you make a shortlist of beautiful wedding venues you would like to visit, either in the area where you live, nearby, or elsewhere in the country. Then at your chosen venue, the person showing you around their lovely setting informs you that they can help you plan your wedding with their in house wedding venue coordinator.

Wedding Venue Coordinator

But did you know that a wedding venue coordinator can only help you with anything that is connected to their wedding venue? They work for the venue and not for you, it is an important relationship to forge and they are of great value to you for your wedding day, but they only work to the limits of what the venue can provide for you and all that is associated with their venue, and this is their responsibility. You may deal with one or two wedding venue coordinators and they may point you in the direction of their preferred wedding suppliers for you to book, which may not necessarily be your preferred wedding suppliers, you can decide if you want to book them or bring in your own. They can advise you how best to make use of the spaces they provide and help set up the tables and chairs, but they don't style the tables and they don't decorate the space you have chosen. They will work with the caterers and ensure your wedding meal is served and be at the venue until the meal, then leave and hand over to the venue duty manager, or there may not be anyone from the venue present at all from that point on, this will vary from venue to venue. They deal with any issues that come up on the wedding day related to the venue, so anything that doesn't work and needs attention. They don't coordinate the timings of the wedding day itself and liaise with all your chosen suppliers.

Wedding Planner/Co-Ordinator

A wedding planner/coordinator will be working for you and will oversee all aspects of the wedding planning process, help with your budget, find you a great team of wedding suppliers who have worked with the style of wedding you envisage and pass on any discounts to you, help with venue searches, visit the venue with you, help plan all the stages of your wedding that you have booked your planner to undertake leading up to the wedding day and be present at the wedding ceremony and reception from start to finish, liaising with your chosen suppliers on the wedding day, help style and decorate the tables and the ceremony and reception areas, coordinate and manage the wedding day by also creating a wedding day timeline and schedules, ensuring all is set up and delivered as planned with pack down at the end of the day if you choose that added service. A wedding planner/coordinator will solve any issues that arise on the wedding day with the venue, your suppliers and assist family members if needed.

What will you decide?

You and your wedding planner have to be a good fit, and you should feel that your wedding planner gets you and your vision for your special day. A planner can offer a range of services from full planning to wedding day management/coordination. Take the stress out of your wedding planning and ensure you get the day you planned stress- free so why not take a look at my wedding day management services by clicking here

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